Well, there aren't that many, TBH.


Our main venue is our Etsy boutique (link at the bottom of this page). But alternatively, you can just drop us email or send a question via our contact form, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

All items at Etsy or store here are roughly 96% finished, so the orders are processed within 3 business days! If some item is not in stock, we'll usually get another one done within a week.


Commonly we accept PayPal, our Etsy store has obviously its own payment system. For customers inside SEPA area, bank transfers are also available and generally either completely free, or with minimal transaction fees involved. In this case, we'll create you a PDF invoice with all the necessary information.


We ship via Posti, our national postal service, using mostly either EMS or Priority Parcel options. We called them and asked for free shipping, they laughed at us and hung up. Thus, we sadly have to charge you for the shipping as well.

Inside Europe most packages travel to you at reasonable 18eur per package cost, outside EU you need to shell out approx. 35eur for the postage. All shipments come with tracking, though!

We also ship internationally, and we have about 30 countries already tagged in our shipping map! However, our postal service has some restrictions, mainly countries which have high risk of package loss or theft. Contact us if you need a special arrangement to your delivery.

Please note, from September 19th 2023 on our postal service started requiring recipient's phone number in the shipping information! This is why we also need it at the cashout. We do not store your number, nor share it to 3rd party, but we do need something for the shipping label as our shipping agent requires it.

Domestic customers we can also serve via Matkahuolto.


Due to the 'bespoke custom' nature of our items, we do not offer conventional warranty for them, per se. However, as we're probably the easiest approachable prop 'shop out there, we're always ready to admit if we've fouled up something. If there's a problem with your item, or with shipping, please contact us and we'll sort it out! Usually by offering full refund, or a replacing item.


3D printing is versatile and relatively inexpensive way to produce a custom item. Basically, a special machine melts plastic into thin stream, and a CNC controlled nozzle shapes an item out of the plastic.

Over the years 3D printing has evolved from 'nerdy' hobby of tech students into viable industry, and the technology in different forms is widely used in various fields of manufacturing. Were it prototyping, automotive industy, or just custom one-off creation business (like us).

We produce all the files for the items in our stores by ourselves, but we can also use customer supplied files.


PLA, most common material of FDM printers, also widely associated as the 'hobbyist' or home enthusiasts' material. But don't be fooled by that image, because PLA is also very capable, strong, precise and affordable material for various other uses too.

Silk PLA, basically PLA, but has some 'silk' fiber embedded in it, giving the finished item a gourgeous metallic look. Silk PLA, however, is more brittle than regular PLA, so we recommend this material only for decorative purposes.

Wood PLA, as the name implies, PLA plastic with 20 to 30% of sawdust mixed into it. Creating a beautiful wooden appearance, feel and often smell too to the printed item. Can be post processed almost like real wood (stain, paint, varnish) and for example sanding these prints is a joy compared to regular PLA. Wood PLA, though, is a tad less durable than regular PLA, so we wouldn't print baseball bats out of this.

ASA, want something with a bit more strength, huh? ASA is a variation of ABS, very common all-around plastic in general, but unlike regular ABS, ASA isn't allergic to UV light. And hence, ASA prints can withstand outdoor use very well. A bit more expensive than PLA, but prints beautiful details and finish!